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After 40 years of providing custom software sytems to clients, we have put those systems in the cloud. We now provide leasing of the AppWriterITC Benefits Enrollment and Management software.

SpecterCorp's AppWriterITC Benefits Enrollment and Management system is state of the art in design and Azure processing and has been in orperation for over 30 years. Clients can start using AppWriter for as little as .60 cents per member per month.

Specterorp's custom design group uses Agile Design concepts and is available to customize any of our Software Systems.

Our experienced designers provide professional input during the design phase and outstanding support after deployment of the product.

Flexible Software

Professional Design

Outstanding Support


Spectercorp has been designing and building systems since 1979. 40 years is a long time, especially in a business where people come and go yearly. Anyone can write a computer programm but the service and support after installation is critical for maintaining the programs. It may only take weeks to write a program but you will be maintaining it for years.

Keeping up with the latest technology is a daunting task, thats our job. Spectercorp provides full time support to make sure our clients are kept up-to-date and operating smoothly.

Our vision is to make it easy to work in the cloud and inepensive to get started. Removing the need to buy expensive hardware and hire even more expensive IT people makes it easy to 'test your business concepts out'.
Our goal is to provide systems, products and ongoing support so that our clients can focus on their business.


Membership enrollment and management systems

Leasing Software (Software as a Service)

Azure Consulting for Azure Dev Ops, Azure Active Directory, Cloud Optimizations,Container Instances,Geo-Replication and Load Balances

Sql Server, SSRS, SSIS and BI Tools, Visual Studio

C# & C#/MVC to COBOL and Everything in Between

Leasing Software

Cloud Development

Web Film Productions


SpecterCorp is your source for all of your Azure management and programming needs.

From custom systems to benefits enrollment and management software, Spectercorp should be your first contact.

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All of our systems and leased software are cloud based. All of our development is in the cloud so you can follow our progess daily from yur local computer.

System Design

We have over 50 years of experience designing and programming systems.


If geo-replication, CosmosDB and Cognitive Services sounds like a foreign language, let us be your translator.


Tired of dealing with legacy software? Let us do a Lift and Shift to Azure.

Need a solution?

We can define your current needs and provide a system customized to satisfy those needs.

Sofware as a Service In The Cloud

Do you need to manage and enroll members in benefits? Subscribe to the AppwriterITC system to handle enrollments, back office and sales Management for as little as $.60 (60 cents) per member/per month.

Web Sites

Show your business in the best possible light. We handle the design, coding and hosting of your website.

Database Transitions

Do you need to get into the cloud and a SQL database, contact us to explain the pros and cons.


Utilize our video and photographic expertise to show your Company's products and services.

Server Farm

Everything is in the cloud, fully optimized with geo-redundancy and 99.99% uptime.


We make every client feel like they are our only client.

Fun Facts about SpecterCorp

Total Years' Experience
Completed Projects
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Here is a sample of our custom software systems, dashboards and web pages

AppwriterITC back office system for Enrollments, managing Benefits Billing, Agent's commisions and enrollments and Member Information.
Member benefits Enrolling is simple and easy.

realtime display of the business being processed.
SpecterCorp's Agent Dashboard System povides management of your agency anywhere there is an internet connection.
For Up-to-date Information, an active dashboard is the answer.

A complete rewrite for their new Insurance Products.
An auto updating website for a startup venture.
Complete styling and marketing overhaul for Sorry Dog Marine services.

Our Working Process

Cloud Services

Use our Cloud Services to minimize the cost of implementing and running systems. All of these cloud services are hosted on Microsoft's cutting edge Azure platform. By moving away from the traditional Hardware/datacenter setup, you are able to eliminate the expense of staffing and purchasing hardware.


Our Cloud Services are based on Azure and has geographical redundancy in place with failover sites around the country. This allows us to provide the industry standard "four nines" (99.99%) uptime with near zero overhead.


Gone are the days where just having an SSL cerificate and a login were enough to satisfy most security needs. We utilize multiple levels of encryption. Starting with the database, then to the columns and data, each are encrypted in different ways. There is no single key to the castle gates.

Planning & Discussing with Team

For our custom systems, We research your business, gather requirements and provide a design that we follow. We observe and analyze business patterns and review competitors to provide you the best system available.

Designing & Development

We use Agile development methodologies when creating systems so that changes can be made during the devoplment process instead of at the end of the project. You can watch the progress in real time and make changes at any time. All software is designed to be usable and easily maintainable.

Testing & Delivery

We provide access to the system during its development so that users can test and become familiar with the system and provide ongoing input prior to installation. We have automated the testing process which allows us to test the entire system everytime a change is made.


After 50 years and more than 150+ successfully implemented projects, we provide solutions that save time, money and increase the return on your technology investment, .

Client Feedback


Do you have a question? Or do you need support for your projects? Don't worry, we are here to help. Please use the contact form below for support and feedback.


We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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